More Real Estate Referrals and Repeat Clients Than You Can Handle in 3 Simple Steps

August 9, 2016

How can you generate more real estate referrals and have repeat clients knocking your door down to help them buy our sell another house? Real Estate Rockstar Russell Rhodes did around 25 referral client closings each month last year and has repeat clients coming back again and again. He shared his 3 simple steps to get more real estate referrals and repeat clients with Pat Hiban to help you do the same.

More real estate referrals and repeat business from buyers and sellers wasn’t all Russel Rhodes discussed in his real estate podcast interview with Pat. In fact, the Dallas Fort Worth Realtor had so much valuable advice that we turned his interview into two podcasts! He shared everything from how to do more real estate listings by saying “No,” to his number 1 secret on how to save money on marketing and advertising while still growing your real estate business.

3 Steps to More Real Estate Referrals and Repeat Clients

Now, let’s look at how you can make more money with real estate referrals and repeat clients without buying real estate referrals or maximizing your real estate marketing budget.

Step 1 – How You Treat Your Team – Remember this: How you treat your real estate team (agents, admin staff, etc.) is how they will treat your clients. And if you want to generate more real estate referrals and repeat clients, then you better treat your team members with respect.

Step 2 – Do a Phenomenal Job – Are you and your real estate team going above and beyond other real estate agents and brokers when it comes to providing exceptional service to buyers and sellers? Are you recommending other professionals (inspectors, contractors, lenders, etc.) who also deliver the same high-level of service to your clients? If you aren’t doing a phenomenal job servicing your clients, someone else is.

Step 3 – Keep the Flame Ignited after the Closing – The reason many real estate agents do not receive handfuls of referrals from clients or do a lot of repeat business with buyers and sellers is that they don’t take the time to keep the flame ignited after the closing. A simple handshake, a thank you and a parting gift after a closing along with a few cards sent via mail every year will not do cut it.

Make sure to listen to his podcast interviews (Russell Rhodes Part 1 and Russell Rhodes Part 2) for some sure-fire strategies and creative ideas to continue to wow your clients all year long.

You really can sum up Russell Rhodes’ strategy for repeat clients and more real estate referrals very simply. Instead of what you can do for me, it is always what can I do for you. Follow that advice and you will start making more money with real estate referrals and repeat clients year in and year out.

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