935: RERR Highlights – The Best Real Estate Podcast Clips of October 2020

November 5, 2020

Looking for the best real estate podcast? Catch October’s highlights right here for clips with Grant Cardone, best-selling real estate authors, and more. We also include advice on investing in real estate and tips for agents who want to scale their business.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Transitioning from agent to owning ancillary businesses [1:35]
  • Summary of Joseph’s incredible story [2:54]
  • Joseph’s advice to agents who are struggling and the ones who are thriving [3:47]
  • Contrarian Thinking Newsletter [6:19]
  • How agents can leverage their communities to buy small businesses [7:02]
  • Buying land as a passive investment [8:19]
  • What drove Ian’s success in real estate [10:10]
  • Ian’s advice for new agents [10:54]
  • The Men on Purpose Podcast [11:46]
  • How to find your financial baseline [13:47]
  • What’s important when it comes to your wealth-building goals [15:05]
  • Take action: done is better than perfect [15:49]
  • The value in real estate teams [17:26]
  • How to close 50+ agent-referred deals per year [18:32]
  • How to Make Over 100 Meaningful Touches Per Year [19.:49]
  • An important lesson CC learned as a new Realtor [20:30]
  • How to win when multiple offers are on the table [21:50]
  • How to pick the right buyer when representing sellers [23:40]
  • How to look good when you lose: the back-up offer [24:30]
  • The first two steps towards doubling your business in 12 months [26:21]
  • Darryl’s trick for winning listing without scripts [29:55]
  • The O.P.P. concept [25:05]
  • What agents NEED in order to make money [31:02]
  • Grant’s aha Moment [31:57]
  • The 10x rule: How to implement it as a real estate agent [32:51]
  • Grant Cardone’s advice for real estate agents [33:14]

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