1059: More Structure, More Sales—Building a Business Plan With Oleg Bortman

June 30, 2022

Money isn’t the only thing that draws people to the real estate profession; they also want the freedom that comes with a career in real estate. But how much freedom can you really have if you want to make good money? On today’s podcast with broker Oleg Bortman, we discuss why most real estate agents make more sales with more structure. Tune in and find out why you need to treat your business like a business, how to build great company culture, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Oleg Bortman [2:09]
  • Immigrating to the United States from Ukraine [3:25]
  • Hating to lose more than loving to win [6:12]
  • Transitioning from pharmaceutical sales to real estate sales [10:20]
  • An important lesson from Rich Dad, Poor Dad [10:44]
  • Robert Kiyosaki’s CASHFLOW Quadrant [12:58]
  • Why Oleg decided to quit his job and get his real estate license in 2009 [14:10]
  • Dressing for the job you want [18:55]
  • How to build incredible company culture [30:30]
  • A plug-and-play system for agents’ success [34:57]
  • Massive business growth for a brokerage: The Brokery’s sales stats [40:25]
  • A broker’s biggest frustration [43:25]
  • How to connect with Oleg Bortman [49:43]

Oleg Bortman

Born in Ukraine, Oleg moved to the United States in 1979 as his family sought the American Dream.

Oleg studied biology at York College and upon graduation began working in Pharmaceutical sales, and was a Regional Sales Director for a fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company for several years.

However, deep down, Oleg knew his true passion was and is real estate. He bought his first investment property in 1999 and quickly became captivated with the entire real estate market. He expanded his portfolio from New Jersey to Nevada and then on to Arizona, quickly seeing his return on investments.

When Oleg moved out West, he realized he didn’t just want to be an investor, he wanted to give other people the same opportunity he has had. He loves working not only with buyers, but sellers and investors as well. Oleg has been in real estate for over ten years as it continues to be his dream career.

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