978: Niching Down in Chicago’s Competitive Real Estate Market – Oleg Komarnytskyy

July 5, 2021

Long-time listener Oleg Komarnytskyy took tips from the show and applied them to build his real estate business. On today’s podcast, Oleg joins us to share the strategies that worked for him. Tune in and hear how niching down helped Oleg carve out a piece of Chicago’s highly competitive home-buyer market. Plus, Oleg explains why multilingual agents have a HUGE advantage, offers advice to new agents, and outlines the best ways to succeed with video marketing. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Oleg’s sales in 2020/2021 [2:25]
  • Why working with buyers is so hard right now [2:58]
  • When Oleg moved to America and why he got into real estate [5:44]
  • The struggle to find those first few deals [7:25]
  • The key to success in real estate [11:49]
  • The multilingual-agent advantage [12:23]
  • How to niche and target for inbound leads [14:46]
  • Tips for succeeding with video ads [20:03]
  • Oleg’s advice for new real estate agents [28:16]
  • The extra efforts clients will remember [31:26]]
  • How to succeed in today’s highly competitive markets [34:20]
  • Where to find Oleg [39:50]

Oleg Komarnytskyy

Oleg is passionate about building lifelong relationships with people. This was one of the main factors in choosing a career path. Real Estate is all about meeting new people building new connections and providing an outstanding service.

Oleg Komarnytskyy with Century 21 Elm is low-pressure real estate professional who will answer any questions you might have and help you make a right decision for the future. Highly skilled in negotiations and marketing, will outperform competition and get you the best deal. Constantly trained in different aspects and areas of real estate transaction process.

He cares about relationships more then transactions. Oleg believes that today’s real estate marketing has shifted to digital platforms and spends all of the free time learning about creative marketing to stay ahead of the curve. Real estate agents must be technologically savvy to provide the best service and the most money for their clients.

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