Increase your real estate sales tenfold by creating a real estate team culture that delivers 5-star client service. Brannon and Mind Potts went from 20 sales to 220 sales in only 5 years with hard work and by focusing on delivering customer service experience that turns their clients into raving fans. In fact, these agents even created a 5 Standards of 5-Star Client Service model which each member of their team memorizes and follows each and every day. If you want to make more money in real estate, have clients that rave about your services and bringing you business on a regular basis, then you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Brannon and Mindy began in the Real estate business in the beginning of 2011. People thought they were crazy. Brannon and Mindy thought if they can make it in 2011, they can make it anytime from there. Through grit, determination, and focused lead generation, Brannon and Mindy grew from there, 2011 to 2015 their team sold 180 homes $28.5MM and this year they expect 200+ homes $30MM+.

Join us as Brannon share their mindset and a glance at their journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstars by helping many clients get into their dream home!








Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Brannon and Mindy’s brief bio [3:35]
  • What Brannon and Mindy’s business looked like last year [4:46]
  • Brannon and Mindy’s team structure and roles [5:49]
  • 9 listings in their first month after getting licensed! Hear the exact script and strategy Brannon and Mindy used [8:12]
  • On listings vs. buyers [12:24]
  • How Brannon and Mindy generate listings [14:34]
  • Core Technology Brannon and Mindy use to grow their business [15:30]
  • What Brannon and Mindy did to go from 22 to 220 businesses in 5 years [16:12]
  • What the 5-star client service card is about [17:58]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more!

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