4 Cornerstones for Creating a Professional Real Estate Book

December 20, 2016

Have you ever considered how writing a real estate book could help build your brand, generate more leads, and create other business opportunities? In a recent podcast, Honoree Corder, a professional business coach and accomplished author, spoke with Pat about how writing a professional real estate book can do all of this and more.

She also shares her secrets to success as an author and provides listeners with the tools they’ll need to write respectable books on real estate. Here’s a brief overview of one of these tools, something Honoree refers to as the 4 cornerstones of a professionally published book.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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Real Estate Book Cornerstone 1 – Hire a Professional Editor

When you publish a real estate book, you want to come off as an expert; you want to sound like an accomplished professional. If your book contains typos, grammatical errors, or poor word flow, readers will question your professionalism and your overall message. In order to get your message across to readers as effectively as possible, you need to hire a professional editor. This is one of the most vital investments you can make to ensure your book’s success.

Real Estate Book Cornerstone 2 – Create an Attractive Cover

The money you invest in professional editing won’t do you much good if you don’t have a great-looking book cover to generate interest from potential readers. Don’t make the mistake of creating your own cover and relying on feedback from family and friends. Instead, hire a graphic designer with experience creating book covers who can put together an attractive, professional-looking cover that will help convince potential readers to pick up your book.

Real Estate Book Cornerstone 3 – Invest in Your Book’s Layout

Another area of design that deserves professional attention is your book’s layout. For this, you may be able to rely on your cover designer, but there are also specialists out there who focus on interior book layout and design. Whoever you decide to work with, be sure to get someone with a strong background creating book layouts so that your readers are left with a pleasant reading experience.

Real Estate Book Cornerstone 4 – Produce Persuasive Sales Copy

With all of the time and money you invest in making your book as great as it can be, you need to ensure your book gets the attention it deserves with some excellent sales copy. Again, you’ll want to hire a professional to take this on for you, someone who has proven experience writing persuasive sales copy. The copywriter you hire should be able to produce copy that gives potential readers that extra push they need to purchase and read your book.

Now, while knowing the 4 cornerstones of creating a professional real estate book will help to ensure your success as an author, writing a book is still quite an undertaking. However, as Honoree discusses in her interview with Pat, the benefits make it worthwhile.

For instance, by sharing your real estate book with strategic partners, you’ll be able to generate additional referrals that can help to grow your business exponentially. If your book is a success, you’ll strengthen your image as an expert in your field and may even be able to generate additional income working speaking engagements as an expert in the real estate industry. In the podcast, Honoree mentioned how one real estate agent managed to do just that – earning more than $7,500 per speech!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of creating a professional real estate book, be sure to listen to Pat’s complete podcast interview with Honoree Corder.

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