Top 3 Touches for Real Estate Conversion

October 24, 2019

Business strategist and author James Tyler recently appeared on my podcast to offer his recommendations on streamlining a real estate business.

During the interview, he also shared the top three touches for real estate contacts. In this article, you’ll discover what these touches are along with the tools and strategies Tyler recommends agents use when making them.

If you’re interested in getting recommendations on all of the latest real estate software and services, be sure to listen to Tyler’s podcast interview below.

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Most agents hate hitting the phones to prospect, but many believe it’s a necessary evil. However, consistently calling a list of leads isn’t the only way to drum up new business by phone.

Now that most Americans have cell phones, calling isn’t the only option agents have when it comes to opening the lines of communication with new leads. Instead of calling, agents can simply send a text.

And texting might actually be a better option than calling.

Think about it: would you be more likely to read a text from an unknown sender or to answer a call from an unknown number? If you’re anything like me, you read nearly every text and hardly ever answer calls from an unrecognized number.

For streamlining your text campaigns, Tyler suggests starting with Google VoiceSlickText, or EZ Texting.


Another great way to regularly touch contacts is via email. Unlike texting, it’s ideal for hitting multiple contacts at once with something like a market update or a calendar of upcoming local events.

Still, you can (and should) send personalized emails to contacts. These can be anything from emails offering additional details on the specific homes contacts have viewed via your website to informal check-in emails.

Tyler’s recommendations on email services include BombBomb for personalized video emails and ActiveCampaign for traditional email marketing.

Social Media

Social media is another great way to touch contacts and to build your database. Facebook, in particular, is a great platform for this since so many people use it.

When you friend a prospect on Facebook, it’s fine to reach out about real estate now and then. But you shouldn’t neglect to build that relationship, just as you would with any new acquaintance.

Eventually, if you take the time to make meaningful connections with prospects on Facebook, you’ll find that it can be a great platform for getting business directly from them or via referral.

Communication Counts

With all of these communication mediums, it’s the type of communication that counts. Don’t just spam prospects with salesy messages.

When sending out your initial text to a new contact, for instance, don’t write that you’re an agent in their area who’s hungry for their business. Instead, try to start a dialogue so that you’re able to build rapport and open them up to the value you offer.

To learn more about making meaningful touches, listen to James Tyler’s podcast interview. You’ll also hear how to run your business more efficiently and get dozens of other recommendations on the latest real estate services.

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