Real Estate CRM Software – 10 Questions Every Real Estate Agent Should Ask

August 16, 2016

Don’t choose a real estate CRM until you answer the following ten questions every real estate agent should ask themselves before committing to customer relationship management software. Today’s real estate CRM software solutions are powerful tools for helping you grow your business. The right choice can skyrocket your success while the wrong one can put you miles behind your competition.

Real Estate Rockstar and CRM expert Christine Lee shared her strategy for choosing the best CRM for real estate agents and teams in her interview with Pat. Below is a brief overview to help you make the right choice for your next real estate CRM.

10 Questions Every Real Estate Agent Should Ask Before Choosing a Real Estate CRM

Question 1 – Start by sitting down and looking at the big picture (your needs now and in the future) and ask yourself, “What type of CRM solution am I truly looking for when it comes to my business or for my real estate team?”

Question 2 – What is the main problem or challenge you want to address? Being clear on the answer to this question will help you take the first fork in the road on your path to a final solution.

Question 3 – What is it you want from CRM software (e.g., address a single problem or bring everything under one roof) and then look at what is being provided by the real estate customer relationship management software you use now?

Question 4 – Determine the type of reporting you want from your reak estate CRM software? Does it handle the 3 most crucial reports – Leads, Listings and Leverage. Learn more about these crucial reports in Christine’s real estate podcast interview with Pat.

Question 5 – Does the customer relationship management software communicate with buyers and sellers without your direct involvement and does it offer you granular control over this communication?

Question 6 – Do you want your CRM for real estate to automatically incorporate your drip campaign and will it grow with you as your real estate business grows?

Question 7 – As an agent or team, what is it that you exactly want with tracking – how automated and detailed and will you receive real-time results?

Question 8 – Does it handle multiple websites, multiple markets and multiple landing pages while also separating your data with a single login?

Question 9 – What type of 3rd-party integrations does the real estate CRM software already have or does it have plans for incorporating in the future and does the company have an open attitude for integration?

Question 10 – When it comes to implementation of your new CRM, how much and what type of information can you import, will it allow you to import everything seamlessly, and will your data be retroactive.

Your real estate CRM is vital to your success as a real estate agent or for your real estate team’s success. If you don’t spend time investigating your options and choosing the right CRM solution for you, then you could easily find yourself facing a painful decision later to switch to a new CRM software solution. Make sure to listen to the real estate podcast with Christine to hear a more detailed version of how to choose the best real estate CRM for your business.

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