RERR Classics: Build Your Money Muscles with Joan Sotkin

August 23, 2021

Plenty of real estate agents make good money but never seem to get ahead. On today’s podcast, author Joan Sotkin joins Pat to discuss why so many Realtors are so bad with their finances. Joan also shares several habits, techniques, and tips for improving one’s financial fitness. Listen and learn how to build your money muscles so that you’re the strong, disciplined leader your real estate business needs to succeed.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Joan Sotkin [2:17]
  • Why real estate agents are terrible with money [4:32]
  • The importance of cashflow management [7:12]
  • Tips for tracking your money [12:19]
  • Why you need to track finances to make good financial decisions [14:16]
  • Joan’s spreadsheet for tracking earnings and expenses [15:30]
  • How to beat “financial vagueness syndrome” [17:34]
  • What all wealthy people have in common [19:20]
  • How to build your money muscles [21:57]
  • Tips for overcoming the urge to spend [23:43]
  • The key to confidence [32:23]
  • Why being overly materialistic is a bad look [37:52]
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