RERR Classics: From Rookie to Rockstar in the ‘Land Down Under’ – Rosemary Auricchio

October 14, 2021

What’s the transition from rookie to real estate rockstar really like? On today’s podcast, Australian agent Rosemary Auricchio describes her journey from no sales to nearly 300 sides per year. In addition to sharing the mindset that helped her excel in real estate, she gives tips that new Realtors won’t want to miss. Plus, Pat and Rosemary discuss the differences between Australian and American real estate, strange client requests, and more.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Real estate in Adelaide, Australia [1:23]
  • About Rosemary’s real estate team and sales stats [2:09]
  • Rosemary’s early start in real estate at age 15 [3:49]
  • Australian real estate commissions [4:35]
  • How real estate advertising works in Australia [5:18]
  • Australian real estate auctions [6:10]
  • Rosemary’s drive to succeed in sales [10:50]
  • Rosemary’s strategy for success as an 18-year-old Realtor [11:40]
  • The transition from rookie to real estate rockstar [13:31]
  • A simple trick for better work-life balance [17:39]
  • How Rosemary keeps track of tasks and clients [18:46]
  • The unusual requests real estate clients make [19:50]
  • Rosemary’s goal for this year: $1 million GCI [20:53]
  • The weirdest thing Rosemary has seen at a listing [21:27]
  • Rosemary’s strategy for investing in real estate [24:20]
  • A real estate deal from hell [25:08]
  • Rosemary’s strategy for selling as many homes as possible [26:42]

Rosemary Auricchio

Rosemary is a multi-award winning, authentic sales professional with a proven track record for achieving outstanding results. With over eighteen years industry experience Rosemary has a reputation for her extensive knowledge, professional approach and genuine care.

Her natural hardworking ability, unwavering customer focus and open, honest communication has seen Rosemary build a first class reputation within the industry. Recognized in the top .5% of the international LJ Hooker network Rosemary is devoted to mastering and providing a world class customer experience. Her exceptional marketing knowledge, creative problem solving abilities and unparalleled negotiation skills are fundamental in securing the best possible outcome for her clients.

With a proven track record in residential sales across Adelaide, her strong professional commitment to exceeding client’s expectations and ability to inject her fresh and likeable personality into her real estate career has seen Rosemary recognized as the LJ Hooker’s number 1 World Champion Salesperson for four consecutive years, along with many other prestigious industry awards and loyal raving fans.

Today, Rosemary is one the most progressive and modern agents in the industry with a wealth of knowledge, experience and a passion for providing a world class customer experience.

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