RERR Classics: The Right Way to Hire in Real Estate with Trevor Finch

June 14, 2021

Hear how to hire the right way on this Real Estate Rockstars Classic with Trevor Finch, a Canadian Realtor with 10+ years of experience. On today’s show, Trevor shares how he doubled his real estate team in months with just one Craigslist ad. Plus, we discuss why to hire brand-new agents over industry veterans, where to find easy-to-convert listing leads, and more. Trevor even outlines his complete strategy for outselling other agents amid fierce competition. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Trevor Finch [1:06]
  • Trevor’s sales stats and profit margin [1:51]
  • Trevor’s real estate team [2:31]
  • Why Trevor decided to double his team [2:35]
  • How to find the right hires when recruiting new agents [4:07]
  • Splits to set for new buyer’s agents [5:41]
  • The type of ad that attracts the best prospective hires [7:22]
  • Trevor’s favorite real estate script [10:31]
  • Trevor’s favorite tool for lead generation and conversion [16:50]
  • Tony Robbins’ advice on investing in real estate [18:12]
  • Trevor’s 10-year real estate goals [19:38]
  • Where Trevor finds leads for listings [20:53]
  • Trevor’s strategy for outselling other agents [22:42]
  • How to stay motivated and how to succeed in real estate [24:12]
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