Imagine how your life would be different if you had a profit margin of 80% and $100,000 in commissions monthly? In over 450 podcasts, Pat has never interviewed a real estate agent with an 80% profit margin. Hear exactly – and we do mean exactly with full actionable details – how two-time guest and solo agent Ricky Carruth crushes it month after month with very little expenses and a huge profit payout. It’s not complicated and you can start following in his footsteps today!


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Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Ricky’s brief bio [2:25]
  • The main ingredient to a successful real estate business [3:28]
  • How Ricky separates himself from other agents and can handle 13 transactions at once as a solo agent [4:43]
  • What Ricky does to not get complacent and continue to prospect for more deals [5:48]
  • Ricky’s ECI and LTI [6:53]
  • How Ricky does 10 units every month consistently [9:10]
  • Ricky’s bread and butter for building a huge business [9:48]
  • What Ricky does on a daily basis to get business and How he does all his deals by himself [13:59]
  • What Ricky says to prospects when calling them about their property [17:12]
  • Sample role play with Pat and Ricky [18:04]
  • Percentage of Listings vs. Buyers and how he achieves 80% profit margin [25:07]
  • The biggest mistake that Ricky made and how he came back from that failure [33:46]
  • What Ricky’s book Zero to Diamond: Become a Million Dollar Real Estate Agent is all about [35:55]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.


Ricky Carruth

Ricky Carruth grew up in a blue collar family with huge desires to become great. Using his work ethic and desire to be the best, Ricky got into real estate in 2002 at the age of 20 and 13 years later, Ricky is at the top of Alabama as #1 for RE/MAX in 2014 selling over $37 MM. Ricky is always pushing to beat his best and that desire drives him every day.

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