939: Rental Management Made Easy: RentRedi Founder Ryan Barone

November 30, 2020

Managing rentals doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. On today’s podcast with Ryan Barone, we discuss how RentRedi makes the entire rental process easier for everyone involved. Ryan also shares some of the common mistakes new landlords make along with a few tips on self-managing rental properties. If you’d like to try RentRedi, use code “ROCKSTAR” to get their annual plan for just $1!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About RentRedi founder Ryan Barone [0:54]
  • Rentals in New York City right now [2:14]
  • The story behind RentRedi [6:20]
  • How landlord feedback fueled RentRedi’s development [9:50]
  • How RentRedi makes property maintenance easy [11:16]
  • Covid-related problems RentRedi solves [13:40]
  • A new RentRedi feature that encourages tenants to pay on time [16:50]
  • Common mistakes first-time landlords make [19:00]
  • Tips on self-managing your first rental [22:36]
  • How agents can help investor clients with RentRedi [26:20]
  • Ryan’s goals for RentRedi [27:30]
  • Why RentRedi is the best option for landlords who want to scale [29:02]
  • The problem with “free” property-management software [33:21]
  • Ryan’s advice for entrepreneurs [34:49]
  • Where to learn more about RentRedi [38:31]
  • Plus, so much more.

Ryan Barone

It all started when CEO Ryan Barone lost out on a great apartment in New York City. A double major, top of his class, and with an internship on Wall Street – getting documents for rental applications shouldn’t have been a problem. But it was. And it wasn’t just an issue for him.

Speaking with friends, he found the application process for rentals was difficult for everyone, tenants and landlords. Gathering and storing documents and having them easily available for landlords was a problem – and RentRedi became the solution.

As the Chief Executive Officer of RentRedi, Ryan Barone guides their vision to provide small landlords with software that helps them minimize turnover, reduce the time needed to manage their apartments, and increase profitability, all while making the entire rental process seamless for their tenants and themselves.

Ryan develops RentRedi’s software for their Web App, iPhone App, Android App, and server-side code. By doing all of their programming in-house, they ensure that RentRedi is agile enough to listen and respond to owners’ feedback with updates that keep them and their tenants happy and loving renting.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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