999: Changing Careers for the Freedom of Real Estate – Sara and Matt Denig

November 4, 2021

Thinking about quitting your current job for a new career in real estate? Sara Denig did just that, and she didn’t leave just any job behind; she was a nurse practitioner! On today’s show, Sara and her husband, Matt Denig, join us to discuss the challenges, and benefits, that come with making a life-changing career move. Hear why the freedom of real estate was best for Sara and why it might be right for you. Plus, Matt pulls from his extensive experience as a loan officer to share some little-known tricks for getting clients the best possible terms on a mortgage.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Sara Denig [2:13]
  • What it’s like working with a spouse in real estate [4:53]
  • Advice on working with family [5:58]
  • Why pricing is so important: Sara’s first listing [7:14]
  • Transitioning from nursing to real estate [10:05]
  • Going the extra mile for clients [10:53]
  • How to stage homes on a budget [12:00]
  • Quick tips on staging a home [13:38]
  • How to win business from your sphere as a new agent [16:18]
  • Sara’s sales stats for 2021 [18:30]
  • A better alternative to the “pop by” [19:07]
  • How to make organic referrals to your lender of choice [22:46]
  • Averting crisis at the closing table [24:57]
  • Tips for buyers in today’s competitive markets [29:30]
  • Simple tricks for submitting a more competitive offer [31:53]
  • Sara’s advice for agents: just do it [39:40]
  • Details on Indiana real estate markets [42:25]
  • What it was like selling real estate in 2020 [44:12]
  • Sara’s tips on succeeding in real estate right now [46:16]
  • Sara’s favorite CRM [48:49]
  • How hot Indiana real estate markets are right now [51:12]
  • How low rates impact inventory [51:25]

Matt and Sara Denig

Matt Denig comes to us as a graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington). Matt has over 15 years of experience in the real estate/mortgage industry and has been consistently one of the top in his field. Matt was recognized as top 5% of Mortgage Originators for Fairway Mortgage in the nation! His team placed in top 1% of Mortgage Originators for 2016 and 2017! Communication is key in every transaction and we have a team always on stand by 7 days a week. Matt focuses on Conventional, USDA, FHA, Indiana Housing, and is a certified VA mortgage specialist. Matt enjoys spending time with friends and family, fishing, and spending time with his wife Sara and son!

Sara Denig is going on her 4th year. She started as a FT Nurse Practitioner with a dream. In that time Sara has had another baby and each year dropped her hours to devote more time to RE and increased her business. She puts estimates above (spreadsheet at home) and YTD income. She still expect big things for the last quarter. Motivation, Service, and putting people at ease on such a big purchase is where Sara shines. Taking care of people’s health and their biggest investment is not much different. Real Estate allows her to do it her way. Sara is a giver and it always comes back! Instead of pop bys She has moved to Amazon Prime gifts. Her husband is a top 1% in the nation lender and they work together more times then not (on buy side).

Sara’s success in real estate is due to her passion, experience, professionalism and commitment to serving real estate needs. She is constantly educating herself on the latest trends in the marketplace so she can find the right home for you or price your home to sell accordingly.

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