How to Sell Your Listings Faster for More Money by Creating a Buying Frenzy

August 18, 2016

Could you use a real estate strategy to help you sell listings faster for more money? When it comes to selling real estate listings faster and getting sellers a higher sales price at closing, Real Estate Rockstar Devin Doherty is definitely and expert. And lucky for listeners of Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcast, Devin went into detail on exactly how you can take his strategy and sell your listings faster for more money. Let’s take a look at how he does it.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that before you start selling listings faster, you need to get more sellers to choose you to list and sell their home over all the other real estate agents they see on listing appointments. Learn how win more listings from 8 of the world’s top listing agents. Once you pair that knowledge and skill with Devin’s strategy he shared on the podcast, you’ll be making more money with listings in no time!

Sell Listings Faster with Repeat Clients and Referrals

During his real estate podcast interview, Devin told Pat one of the keys to his success was that over 50% of his listings come from referrals and repeat clients. Why is the vital to his listing strategy?

Well, it all starts with trust. Because Devin uses a strategy to sell listings that is different than most other agents and one which requires sellers to be willing to take some risk, there needs to be a high level of trust. Referrals and repeat clients know first-hand about his track record of success so this lays the foundation of trust in the agent-client relationship.

Aggressive Pricing Strategy to Sell Listings for More Money

Devin starts the buying frenzy with an aggressive pricing strategy for listings. This strategy requires clients to accept risk for a big reward. To best explain how this works, he shared the following example from a recent sale.

For this listing client, Devin and his seller came to an agreement to list the home around $100k below market price. Doing so, created a bidding war quickly bringing in over 60 offers. This drove the price up $70K over what the client was expecting when first meeting with Devin on the listing appointment.

Here’s a look at the numbers: The home listed for $429k with a seller sales price goal of $480k – $500k and the final selling price was $550k to cash buyer.

Know Your Local Real Estate Market to Sell Listings Faster

Not every local market is set up with the right conditions to use the aggressive listing price strategy shared above. Even within each local market, present conditions and even the house you are listing must fit certain criteria to work with this strategy.

For example, you must know there are enough buyers in the market from the prior 30 days and their must be a pool of buyers interested in the specific property type. Make sure to listen to Devin’s real estate podcast interview with Pat for more details on how to make sure you can use this aggressive pricing strategy for selling your listings.

Other Step to Sell Listings Faster for More Money

Along with his aggressive listing price strategy, Devin also uses other tactics to create a buyer frenzy and drive up the sales price on listings. One of these is his open house strategy.

His sellers’ open houses have limited hours to create a sense of scarcity and a frenzy of activity. He only allows 6 to 10 buyers in at a time with others waiting in line for their turn. He places a whiteboard outside the home explaining the process and uses a software to sign buyers in (those who won’t sign in aren’t allowed in).

As mentioned above the key to success is building trust with your sellers. There must also be plenty of communication with buyers and their agents to explain the auction-type atmosphere which ensues. We’ve really only touched on the tip of this listing strategy. Listen to Devin Doherty’s podcast interview to hear how to sell listings faster for more money in complete detail.

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