Get leads, listings, and lifelong clients with the top 5 real estate marketing ideas! Bestselling author and marketing master Seth Price joins us today to share proven strategies for boosting real estate business. Listen as Seth explains how to earn recognition as a real estate expert with strategies from his latest book, The Road to Recognition. Discover what it takes to create a real estate website that offers value, and learn how the industry’s smartest marketers became household names by implementing brand-building activities the right way. Plus, hear Seth’s suggestions on staying top of mind in a world where people are constantly distracted.

seth price

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Seth’s brief bio [5:01]
  • How Placester helps real estate agents run their businesses [6:23]
  • What Seth covers on his podcast [7:50]
  • The pitch for getting listings that works anywhere [8:50]
  • A common misconception concerning real estate leads [10:04]
  • What it takes to create a great real estate website [13:18]
  • Examples of automated emails that will help you land clients [15:51]
  • Why you have to stay in touch with past and potential clients [21:43]
  • When to invest in tools like Infusionsoft [26:31]
  • What The Road to Recognition is all about [27:01]
  • How to implement recurring brand-building activities effectively [29:41]
  • A content-marketing strategy that creates value [34:25]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Seth Price

Seth Price is on a mission to transform the way you think about branding and connecting with customers.
He is the author of the “The Road to Recognition” Host of The Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius Podcasts. A mentor to startups, A wildly popular contributor to Huffington Post, Inman news, Startup Institute, FoundersLeague and MarketingProfs. He’s part of the founding team at Placester where he’s worn all of the go-to-market hats and helped the company build a 450,000-plus customer base and triple digit growth in less than five years. He doesn’t focus so much on how-to but more on how-to-think.

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