SOTM 46: Coronavirus’ Impact on Real Estate Search Patterns: Dissecting the Data

May 4, 2020

More homeowners are searching for information on selling property now than before COVID-19 caused the U.S. economy to come to a standstill. On today’s podcast with Trevor Mauch of, we discuss what the data shows when it comes to coronavirus’ impact on real estate search patterns. In addition to data, Trevor shares his strategy for creating evergreen real estate content and getting it ranked higher in search results for more organic traffic and easier lead conversion. Plus, he covers paid marketing ideas and explains why you’ll get the best bang for your buck running Facebook ads right now.


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Carrot [3:23]
  • How to get ideas for relevant evergreen content [7:55]
  • Why iBuyers are creating opportunities for investors [10:15]
  • How sellers’ Internet searches have been impacted by COVID-19 [13:34]
  • The type of content agents should be creating right now [23:13]
  • Organic traffic vs. paid traffic [27:54]
  • How to increase conversion right now [31:44]
  • Why now is NOT the time to scale back marketing efforts [34:58]
  • Inexpensive, effective marketing ideas for agents [37:58]
  • Major takeaways from today’s episode [42:38]
  • The need to be a local authority [45:33]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Trevor Mauch

It sounds corny… but what fuels Trevor in business and life is impact and being that spark of positivity and possibility that helps amplify leaders to better make their greater impact in life and business.

Trevor is fortunate enough to have never had a real job for anyone else… but that also means that along the way he had to make a ton of his own mistakes. Those mistakes and a handful of core operating principles on how he lives his life has helped him do some pretty fun and cool things in business up to this point. Business wise his main gig is the Chief Experience Officer (CEO ? of Carrot, a software as a service company that helps small businesses more easily create a website to generate inbound leads through the internet that is growing fast and well into the multiple 7 figure per year revenue range… 100% bootstrapped.

In addition if you talk on the phone you won’t be able to shut Trevor up about how important wrapping mission and impact into your business are. So he is sharing what he learned along the way and help amplify other leaders to do bigger, better, greater, and more impactful things that go well beyond adding some extra zeros to your bank account…

… but make a lasting difference that starts a ripple of awesomeness in the world.

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