SOTM 65: Biden’s Tax Changes Are Coming. Will YOUR Real Estate Business Be Affected?

January 14, 2021

Back in December, it seemed unlikely that Joe Biden’s tax policies would make it through the Senate. But now, after two wins for Democrats in Georgia’s crucial runoff elections, things are looking a lot different. On today’s State of the Market podcast, Aaron Amuchastegui covers Biden’s tax changes and their potential impacts on the real estate industry. Find out if your business will be affected.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Democrats win two senate seats in Georgia [2:03]
  • Trump faces second impeachment after protestors storm Capitol [3:09]
  • Airbnb to cancel D.C. reservations prior to inauguration [5:01]
  • Blue-chip companies halt political donations after riot [7:15]
  • Airbnb stops donating to candidates who refuse to certify election results [9:22]
  • Alabama and Georgia Realtors suspend eviction lawsuit [10:07]
  • Major banks brace for losses as forbearance periods end [12:31]
  • NAR considering penalties for Realtors involved in Capitol riot [18:21]
  • Billionaires’ Row luxury apartment trades for record loss at resale [20:10]
  • Highest resale price ever for luxury estate in Pebble Beach [20:42]
  • 8 ways the Biden tax plan may impact real estate [22:43]
  • Plus so much more.

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-Aaron Amuchastegui

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