SOTM 70: Is Real Estate a Safer Investment Than Stocks?

April 12, 2021

A recent survey shows that most Americans would rather invest in real estate than in the stock market. On today’s State of the Market podcast, we discuss why we prefer investing in housing over publicly traded companies. But we also talk about the challenges that come with owning rental property. Plus, we cover breaking stories in the real estate sphere, including news of forbearance requests dropping to their lowest levels since March 2020.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Normalcy starts to return to New York [1:37]
  • Skyline Tower sales on fire – signs of a comeback in Long Island? [2:48]
  • Lean pickings with twice as many agents as listings in Boston [5:22]
  • New forbearance requests at lowest level since March 2020 [8:57]
  • Oakland pushes to bring multi-family housing into single-family neighborhoods [12:38]
  • Texas court opens eviction flood gates [18:43]
  • Survey shows that people prefer investing in real estate over stocks [24:38]
  • Offerpad makes moving easier for sellers with 60-day extended stay [30:06]

Kelly Skeval

Kelly moved to Ithaca in 2005 after attaining her degree in Veterinary Technology and continued her career in veterinary medicine at Cornell University until her first child was born. Kelly had an active interest in real estate long before her and her husband, a Trumansburg native, decided to purchase their first home. When they did, they turned it into an owner occupied duplex and were able to use that foundation to further expand their real estate portfolio to include 5 properties and 10 units.

In addition, Kelly and her husband owned a home energy auditing business. Being a BPI certified energy auditor she was able to assess homes and building envelopes then make recommendations to homeowners on how to make improvements that would save energy and make their homes more efficient.

It is Kelly’s knowledge in many aspects of real estate including but not limited to single family buying and selling, rental properties, new construction, property management, building envelopes and business ownership that make her an ideal person to help you in your real estate endeavors. Purchasing or selling a home is a big decision and Kelly prides herself on offering quality customer service along with knowledge and compassion.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband and their two small children exploring the Fingerlakes region and all that it has to offer.

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