SOTM 81: Is Residential Real Estate About to Crash? – Elliot Smith

September 2, 2021

There are signs that the housing market is slowing down, but despite what you may see in the headlines, that doesn’t mean there’s an impending crash. On today’s State of the Market with The Real Dealz’ Elliot Smith, we analyze articles and statistics to decipher what’s really happening in real estate. Plus, we discuss the unique opportunities agents have right now along with strategies for winning new clients. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Elliot and The Real Dealz Podcast [2:03]
  • Our thoughts on the Afghanistan crisis [3:13]
  • How world events affect real estate markets [6:15]
  • How Hurricane Ida could affect rates and real estate [7:23]
  • Housing-inventory trends in Washington state [15:10]
  • Headlines seem to indicate an impending market crash [20:04]
  • How reporters spin stats to fit their narrative [23:57]
  • What could happen to homeowners facing foreclosure now [28:00]
  • Unique opportunities for real estate agents right now [30:42]
  • Our struggles as landlords through the eviction moratorium [36:07]
  • Rents increase at a record rate [37:24]
  • How to bring value to investor clients right now [40:04]
  • Another sign of home sales slowing [43:13]
  • A way for listeners like you to get on the podcast [44:30]
  • Final thoughts on the market: we’re bullish [45:18]
  • Where to find more from Elliot Smith [46:45]

Elliot Smith

Elliot Smith is a Real Estate Investor, Lead Generator, People Connector, Podcaster, Dad, and friend who always bring it on the golf course. You can usually find him generating Real Estate Leads or teaching his little boy Monty how to putt on the green.

Elliot went from working 70 hours a week as a Franz manager to leading a 7-figure Real Estate business with his wife, Chrissy.

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