1057: Systems for Scaling Your Real Estate Business With Stephanie Brackett

June 23, 2022

Are you tired of trying new systems only to find that they make no improvement to your productivity or profitability? This is the podcast for you. Stephanie Brackett, “The Systems Queen,” is here to share where you—and most real estate professionals—go wrong when building and implementing systems. Listen and learn where to start with systems, the best way to hire when building your business, and how to hold yourself and other team members accountable in a meaningful, measurable way.

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • About Stephanie Brackett [4:00]
  • Common questions on getting started with systems [5:12]
  • Systems and standards for more sales [6:00]
  • Why you should fire certain clients [8:11]
  • A step-by-step system for building systems [9:02]
  • How to find the right real estate coach [13:55]
  • Stephanie’s system for hiring real estate agents [15:53]
  • The challenges with hiring today [24:12]]
  • What a successful system looks like [30:15]
  • Stephanie’s onboarding system [30:53]
  • Stephanie’s #1 system [31:18]
  • Stephanie’s favorite software for systems [32:27]
  • Advice on systems for disorganized agents [34:21]
  • Systems and standards for communication [36:12]
  • Accountability systems [39:27]
  • Real Estate Rockstars coaching [40:42]

Stephanie Brackett

Stephanie Brackett is a Master Level Elite 1:1 Coach and Certified BE A BOSS Trainer. She is also the VP of operations for DRO Investments and the former COO of The Anderson Hicks Group in Idaho Falls, ID (one of the top real estate teams nationwide selling 714 homes in 2021). Not only does Stephanie have a deep background in real estate operations, she has also been a business owner and corporate trainer, both of which give her unique insights to share when coaching and training. And she’s affectionately known around the country as “The Systems Queen.” She is especially passionate about elevating the administrative roles in real estate. Her family is her “Big Why.” 

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