Follow These Three Steps and Succeed in Real Estate

November 12, 2018

People don’t get into real estate to fail, but the majority of agents do exactly that. If you want to beat the odds and succeed in real estate, there’s one thing in particular that you need.

Do you know what it is?

No, it’s not marketing or sales experience, nor is it a specific set of time-tested scripts.

To succeed in real estate, you need the right mindset. If you have that, everything else will eventually fall into place.

Dr. Hank Seitz, a behavioral psychologist, appeared on Real Estate Rockstars to share his simple three-step system for honing the right mindset and manifesting success.

Below, you can listen to the complete podcast with Dr. Seitz. In it, he describes this system in detail along with other valuable real estate strategies, including a way for agents to increase their annual commissions by $100,000 or more.

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Three Steps for Manifesting Success in Real Estate

Step 1: Think About What You Want

All agents want more great clients, but the vast majority think more about the bad clients they’ve had than the good ones. Sure, processing the bad client experiences you’ve had is fine, but they shouldn’t always be on your mind.

If you want more good clients, you have to spend more time thinking about them. Form a clear picture in your mind of the clients you desire and revisit it frequently throughout the day.

If there’s something else you want, like to make more money in real estate, apply the same process. For additional aids, consider journaling or utilizing affirmations.

Step 2: Stay Positive

Obviously, actively monitoring your thoughts throughout the day would make it difficult to get much done. Fortunately, Dr Seitz has a simple, effective alternative: monitor your feelings.

By observing your mood throughout the day, you can take effective steps toward improving it and staying positive.

After a negative experience with a client, for instance, acknowledge your feelings. By attempting to ignore or suppress negative emotions, you actually dwell on them longer, which is bad for your mental health and will undoubtedly hurt your chances of manifesting success.

Step 3: Manifest Success

The last step is what really counts, and it also happens to be the easiest of the three to tackle. By simply practicing the first two steps consistently, you’ll complete the third and final step by default.

According to Dr. Seitz, maintaining the right mindset and putting that positive energy out into the universe is enough to manifest your desire to succeed in real estate.

While it may sound unusual, some of the world’s most successful people practice this system, whether they know it or not. Try it yourself and see what happens. At the very least, your outlook will change for the better, and that alone can make a huge difference.

Download Encouragement from Dr. Hank for Free

After you’ve heard Dr. Hank Seitz’s podcast interview, be sure to download his donation to the Agent Success Toolbox: a complete digital copy of Encouragement From Dr. Hank: A Path to Feeling Good.

In this book, Dr. Seitz shares daily encouragements – positive reinforcements that will help put you in the right state of mind to succeed in real estate and in life.

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