Some might mistakenly say that Pat Hiban is obsessed with the business of real estate, but he calls it passionate. Pat is as passionate about expanding his free time to spend with his family as he is about growing his businesses. After getting started in real estate at the age of 21, Pat has grown his business each and every year after. Tune in and start creating the work life balance that many agents can only dream about!

Join us as Pat shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by getting control of his business and his life!

Quotes To Live By

  • ‘The fear of loss is a greater motivator than the opportunity to gain!’ – Pat Hiban Click to Tweet


In this Episode, We Also Talk About

  • How to balance work and life.
  • Why people will wait!
  • The psychology of buyers and sellers.
  • Why you should let people worry!
  • Why agents transform buyers into someone who has had too much coffee.
  • You don’t have to check your voicemail every second!
  • How break through your goals!
  • Plus so much more!

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What does it take to reach the top of the business world, while being family oriented? Join us as Marci and Bryan share their family first mindset and tell the story of their journey to becoming successful Real Estate Rockstars, while focusing on their family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Supermoms out there! People will continue to grow businesses, and then try and figure out how to build their life’s around them. Bryan and Marci Fair join us in this Mother’s Day Special, and share with Rockstar Nation why doing the opposite is the key to success. Being present in the lives of your spouse and your children is one of the most rewarding experiences that life can offer. Unfortunately, we are seeing more often businesses breaking families apart. Marci, the author of TILT – 7 Solutions To Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom shares experiences and expert advice for mothers to encourage them to live their lives, take off their Supermom cape, and make the choices that matter letting go of the 80% of things that don’t matter. Hear how mother’s and families can focus on the 20% of things that really matter.

Mother’s Day Quote

  •  “Balance is impossible, memories are better.” – Marci Fair


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Parenting AH-HA Moment

  • Bryan’s AH-HA moment came one night when his daughter Chloe and him were talking. As she told her story, Chloe stopped and said, “Dad you’re not here”! This was an important moment where Bryan’s family and business lives crossed paths and is a memory that continually reminds him to Walk into the house as a Mom or a Dad! 

Pick up Marci’s book today

  • TILT 7 Solutions To Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom: Juggling work and family has never seemed more possible than in Marci Fair’s parenting guide, TILT. It was written out of the difficult struggles and unexpected answers that Fair has found on her journey through the TILT of life, work, and motherhood.

The Fair’s Christmas Date

  • Each year at Christmas The Fair Children fill out a sheet that highlights ONE thing that they want to do next year as a “Christmas Date”. The goal of this is to become very aware of one-on-one time. Life and business happen, and all of a sudden you lose that time with your children. With this, Bryan and Marci focus on making sure they take full advantage of their one-time shot at parenting and spend time alone with each of their four children. Listen in to see if Christmas Date’s are something you could use in your family life.

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