Brad Wisley, is a lifetime Top Producer for Long & Foster and Northern Virginia Association of Realtors.  He is a Midwesterner, hailing from the Hoosier state of Indiana, where he attended Indiana University and a graduate of Kentucky Christian College. Carol Greco, one of Long and Foster’s Top Ten Realtors, is Co-Team Leader of Wisley Greco & Associates.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has been named a Lifetime Top Producer by her Realtor Association. When Carol decided that her time in Real Estate was up she knew that all of her handwork had to be worth something. Luckily she found Brad who was willing to purchase her business and team, and together they have created the Blueprint for Buying and Selling your Real Estate business.

What does it take to be a Real Estate Rockstar? Join us as Carol and Brad share their realtor mindset and a glance at their journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstars.

[shadowbox]“I was financially okay without selling my business but why not have some extra money to enjoy act 3.” –Carol Greco [/shadowbox]


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Hard Luck

  • What happens when you don’t stay in contact with your past clients? Carol learned the hard way and made sure to never make that mistake again.

[shadowbox]”Think of your directional signs as a billboard.” – Carol Greco[/shadowbox]


  • A Goalster, according to Carol, is one word that describes a real estate agent. Someone who is a hard worker and who has a plan will find a lot of success in real estate. Are you a goalster?

In this Episode, We Also Talk About

  • Why you should sell your team.
  • How to value your business.
  • How to get educated.
  • How to learn from luck.
  • How to set goals.
  • Why you can’t be afraid to put things in place.
  • How to succeed in real estate.
  • Plus so much more!

[shadowbox]“Run your business as a business.” – Carol Greco[/shadowbox]

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