Mark is the driver behind the Gellman team! In 2012 Mark helped over 100 clients either buy or sell over $41 million dollars of Real Estate. This accomplishment is a task less than 1% of the Realtors in the world will ever accomplish. Mark went from working in retail and doing business with Zappos to running a real estate business with a 75% profit margin. As the #1 Real Estate Team in St. Louis Missouri, Mark and his team are only 8 miles away from the Ferguson protests and riots.

What does it take to be a Real Estate Rockstar? Join us as Mark shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar and focusing on dollar productive behavior from the start!

[shadowbox]“Just do it to the fullest extent.” – Mark Gellman [/shadowbox]


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Track Your Revenue

  • By tracking your sources of revenue you can analyze your business at a much higher level than other agents. Mark has this broken down to a category of about 13 different streams where his business comes from. Learn what generates the most business for Mark and his team!

[shadowbox]”Life is a series of choices and consequences.” Mark Gellman[/shadowbox]

Best Business Book

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable by Patrick Lencioni

In this Episode, We Also Talk About

  • Why you should dive into real estate.
  • How to avoid energy vampires.
  • How to make sure you set yourself up for success.
  • How to focus on dollar productive behavior.
  • What your only focus should be.
  • Why you have to make mistakes.
  • How to succeed in real estate.
  • Plus so much more!

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