Lori Ballen is a Mega Agent with an award winning real estate team in Las Vegas called The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas.  Lori and her husband Richard Ballen have owned multiple successful businesses based on her internet marketing strategy which is now called “The Ballen Method“.  Lori and Richard now travel and train other business professionals on her real estate SEO and business SEO methods which include  Identifying a Niche, Finding a Target Audience, Creating a Message and a Product and then using Blogging, Press Releases, Social Media, Classified Ads, Video and Fresh, Relevant web site content with Disciplined Consistency in order to dominate the search engines for desired searched keyword strings. Lori Ballen has become known for her “Keeping it Real” style and approach to Social Media. What you see is what you get with Lori. Passion, Enthusiasm and Energy are what she’s about.

Join us as Lori shares her realtor mindset and a glance at her journey to using Facebook to work less in her business.

A Quote To Live By

  • “Web leads are cultivated long before they are ever converted.” – Lori Ballen Click to Tweet

The Ballen Method

  • The Ballen Method System is a compilation of 7 Lesson Plans which each include a Chapter from the book on that topic – SEO, Blogging, Classified Ads, Press Releases, Video, Social Media and Lead Cultivation – a video from a live class, a resources pack for each one (templates, samples, worksheets) and an action plan that gives you the Step by Step HOW TO. You’ll also get an email each week with a video for ideas on the next steps. Learn more


Best Business Book – Get It Free! 

From the Ground Up: The Business of Building in the Age of Money by Douglas Frantz

In this Episode, We Also Talk About

  • Why you need to tell people where you are from.
  • How to work only 4 hours a week.
  • How to tap into referrals.
  • How to cultivate leads.
  • What happens when you blow all of your savings.
  • Why you should try the Ballen Method.
  • How to be a higher level of service to your clients.
  • Plus so much more!

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