What makes a CEO tick? What does it take to turn your business vision into reality? On today’s podcast with BiggerPockets CEO Scott Trench, we discuss what entrepreneurs can do to realize their professional goals….

Wouldn’t it be great to earn six figures as a real estate agent without having to worry about dealing with buyers or sellers? Today’s guest, Jeff Cohn, has done it for over 4 years. In fact, Jeff managed to net nearly $1 million last year without selling a single house! By switching his team to the CEO model, Jeff created a profitable real estate business that truly runs itself. During the interview, Jeff shares several of the benefits associated with running a real estate team based on the CEO model, explains why other team models aren’t as valuable (especially when the time comes to sell), and provides actionable advice to listeners who want to make the switch. Don’t miss out on all this and Jeff’s alternative to expansion teams on today’s episode of Real Estate Rockstars! Continue reading