The Hardcore Closer, Ryan Stewman, joins us today with cutting-edge sales techniques tailored to fit the needs of our real estate audience. Ryan candidly explains why sellers don’t really want to hire real estate agents before sharing strategies and sales secrets that will help you use this knowledge to your advantage. Also, don’t forget to take notes on Ryan’s media marketing method; it helped create multiple millionaires in the last couple years. If you want to up your sales game, this is one episode of Real Estate Rockstars you won’t want to miss! Continue reading

Are you in a sales slump and worried your real estate career may be in jeopardy? If you don’t find a way to overcome negative thoughts, it may be! Fortunately, Chris Spurvey, author of It’s Time to Sell, is here to tell you how to foster a positive mindset that will boost your sales, revitalize your career, and ultimately improve your life. On today’s show, Chris guides listeners through a simple 5-step process for beating sales slumps. Chris also discusses the mental mistake that dooms more real estate agents to failure than anything else. Listen closely to today’s Real Estate Rockstars; it could save your career! Continue reading