Want to make more money in real estate but already producing as much as you possibly can? Start a real estate team! Today’s guest, Keri Shull, completed roughly 20 transactions per year before building a team. Now, her team averages over 300 transactions per year and maintains an impressive profit margin.

Hear how Keri runs her team on this Real Estate Rockstars podcast. Not only does she cover her team’s processes for managing buyer and seller leads, she explains why she’s able to retain the industry’s best ISAs while most other teams are struggling with ISA turnover. Plus, Keri shares her thoughts on tracking agents’ performance, appointment setting, and more. Continue reading

You don’t have to work 60-hour weeks to earn 6 figures in real estate. Once you’re able to leverage your team effectively, it’s possible to keep a real estate business growing without elaborate oversight. Fred Holmes has successfully and sufficiently leveraged his team to the point that business is always booming, even when he’s away. How did Fred do it? In short, he did it by fully utilizing the real estate industry’s most valuable resource: its people. Hear how Fred hires, trains, and gives back to his people to ensure he gets the most out of them. Also, don’t miss his in-depth details on building an ISA department and maximizing lead conversion. Continue reading