Have you ever thought about selling your team? Mike Sloan, Pat Hiban’s right hand man for 13 years, tells his story from the first chance encounter with Pat up until modern day where he runs a team of 17 to do over 50 million dollars in volume. In this no holds barred interview Mike candidly tells shocking stories of his Real Estate exploits including his run in with a professional stripper and her $800k listing, his current negotiations with a sports agent and a future NFL star, his struggle with weight, losing 65 pounds and keeping it off.

Want to learn from the Rockstars of Real Estate? Join us as Mike shares his Real Estate frame of mind and provides insight on how to dominate the Real Estate world.


  • Columbia, Maryland

Learning His Lesson

  • How he learned that Real Estate is full of “natural Consequences” starting with the 2nd deal he did where Pat Hiban gave him a visual that gave him a bit of insomnia for his entire rookie year.


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