974: How ANY New Agent Can Outsell Industry Veterans – Taylor Tolbert

May 27, 2021

Earning six figures as a new real estate agent is no small feat, especially in 2021’s highly competitive markets. That’s why this interview with long-time listener Taylor Tolbert is so inspiring. Taylor hit the ground running with his client-centric approach to sales, and he joins us today to share the tips that put him on the fast track to success. Listen and learn how flawless follow-up and follow through will help you outsell industry veterans, even if you only have a few months of experience. Taylor also gives a rundown on his system for taking new leads and turning them into clients for life. Don’t miss it!

Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Taylor’s introduction to real estate [2:43]
  • Taylor’s first real estate deal [4:40]
  • Ways for new Realtors to win their first clients [7:25]
  • How to turn a lead into a client for life [10:03]
  • What Taylor does different as a buyer’s agent [14:06]
  • Virginia’s real estate markets [16:41]
  • Taylor’s client-centric mindset [18:03]
  • Strategies for setting yourself apart from other agents [19:43]
  • Taylor’s sales stats and goals [20:33]
  • Taylor’s social-media strategies [21:08]
  • Why solid follow-up and follow-through is essential in this business [23:48]
  • When to give up on a real estate lead [26:22]
  • Taylor’s favorite follow-up tool [27:53]
  • Storytelling as a tool for sales [29:43]
  • Where to find some of Taylor’s sample sales posts [32:14]
  • Taylor’s favorite real estate resources [34:59]
  • Final thoughts for listeners [35:77]
  • Where to learn more about Taylor [37:18]

Taylor Tolbert

Taylor was born and raised in central Pennsylvania and moved down to Northern Virginia after college. After a few great years in sales roles with large corporations, he pivoted into the real estate industry and have not looked back since.

He prides himself on caring deeply about his clients’ needs and doing whatever it takes to help them succeed. Taylor brings his extensive knowledge of the Northern Virginia real estate market and attention to detail to every single transaction and focus on making the buying and selling process simple and enjoyable. His passion for real estate and dedication to providing top-notch service to his clients make Taylor a top choice for buyers and sellers across Northern Virginia.

Taylor lives in Fairfax with his wife Kelsey, dog Maverik, and cat Cheeto. In addition to real estate, he enjoys trying new restaurants, traveling, and officiating lacrosse games.

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