Top 10 Agent Success Toolbox Items (Free Real Estate Downloads)

October 16, 2019

Getting the training and resources you need to succeed as a new agent isn’t always easy. That’s why I created the Agent Success Toolbox – a growing collection of free real estate downloads donated by today’s top agents and salespeople.

To date, I’ve added 200+ downloads to the Toolbox, and that number grows with each new episode of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast. Below, I’ve included direct links to 10 of the Toolbox’s most popular downloads. To get FREE access to hundreds of other real estate downloads, including dozens of scripts and marketing strategies, sign up now.

1. Excelleum Real Estate Script Book

Debbie De Grote is one of the top real estate coaches in the world, and her proven scripts have helped agents exponentially increase their business. Her complete script book sells for $99, but you can download a full copy for free right here!

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2. Russell Shaw’s Pre-Listing Package

During a recent podcast interview, real estate legend Russell Shaw discussed his process for presenting to sellers in detail. This toolbox item, his pre-listing package, is exactly what he shows sellers during the presentation. With this package, you’ll have everything you need to nail listing appointments like a pro!

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3. Buyer Objection Handler Packet

Overcome objections and convert more buyer leads with this set of scripts from Chris Craddock. Chris’ Buyer Objection Handler Packet is perfect for quick script sessions, especially when you want to focus on the most common buyer objections.

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4. Puzzled Letter for Expireds

Why waste time calling expireds when you’ll have more success by sending a simple letter? Kerry Grinkmeyer uses this letter to get sellers calling him for appointments. Download it now and try it for yourself!

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5. 16 Ways You Can Take Advantage of the New Tax Law and Save Money

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made major changes to tax law, and these changes could mean big savings for you come tax time. Discover 16 ways to save more money on taxes with this download provided by tax coach Diane Gardner!

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6. 100 Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Business

Looking for new ways to grow your real estate business? This item donated by Daniel Lesniak covers 100 of them. Download it today and start building a bigger real estate business right now!

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7. Goal and Contact Tracker

Ramon Sanchez gets great profits consistently by setting sales goals and making the contacts needed to meet them. Take a look at his goal and contact tracker for an idea of what it takes to hit six-figure profits.

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8. Little eBook of How to Listen

Are you really listening to what your clients are telling you? Download best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little eBook of How to Listen” here and make sure that you really understand what they want.

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9. 10 Ways To Boost Your Business with Social Media

Not sure where to start when it comes to social media marketing? Download this free guide written by social media expert Karen Albert and discover how to boost your business via Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

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10. “A Week’s Worth of Real Estate Wisdom” by RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos

Read through one piece of RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos’ self-improvement advice per day for one week. After that, go out and make big things happen!

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