Real Estate Rockstars Made Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts List

October 17, 2017

Lots of work goes into making Real Estate Rockstars one of the industry’s best podcasts. Recently, the show received recognition for this with the No. 2 spot on a list of the top 10 real estate podcasts!

The list, which can be seen here, ranks real estate podcasts based on entertainment, content value, and interview quality. All of the podcasts listed are excellent listening options for agents and investors.

Below, we mention a few of our favorite podcasts from the list.

Our Favorites from Expert Bookers’ Top 10 Real Estate Podcasts

BiggerPockets Podcast (No. 1)

The BiggerPockets Podcast is great for anything related to real estate investing, including rental property, home flipping, and more. Pat even appeared on episode 190 to share his advice on building passive income streams.

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever (No. 3)

Joe Fairless’ Best Ever Show is another excellent resource for information on real estate investing. Joe has had incredible success as an investor, and we had him on Real Estate Rockstars for episode 493.

The Real Wealth Show (No. 8)

Kathy Fettke, host of The Real Wealth Show, was also on Real Estate Rockstars (episode 483) to talk real estate investing. She’s dedicated to helping investors build better real estate portfolios, and her podcast contains tons of excellent investing information.

Thanks for Your Support!

Thanks to listeners like you, Real Estate Rockstars gets bigger and better with each podcast. We appreciate your support and are honored to serve as your source for real estate interviews and information!

We’d also like to say a special thank you to The Expert Bookers for including us in their top 10 real estate podcasts list.

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