Top Real Estate Podcasts of February 2020

March 1, 2020

Discover strategies for short sales, open houses, and builders with February’s top real estate podcasts. You’ll also get a healthy dose of inspiration from agents who built booming businesses fast in markets around the country. For the latest Real Estate Rockstars podcasts, visit

881: How to Hit Six Figures as a First-Year Real Estate Agent with Dan Lesniak

Dan Lesniak sold $22 million in volume his first year in real estate, and he’s helped countless agents find fast success since. On today’s podcast, Dan shares a few of the scripts and strategies that helped him hit six figures as a new agent. He also gives tips on generating leads, staying top of mind, and making a buyer’s offer really stand out. Plus, Dan talks teams and offers advice on keeping a real estate business running strong when competition is high and inventory is low.

882: Short Sales Uncensored with Nicole Espinosa, The Short Sale Queen

With thousands of successful closes on short sales (and 146 of them just last year), it’s no wonder why Nicole Espinosa is known as “The Short Sale Queen.” On today’s podcast, Nicole gives her no-holds-barred take on short sales in 2020 and explains what agents need to know before representing distressed sellers. Nicole also shares her thoughts on what it takes to build a real estate business, how to generate more referrals, and why there will always be a need for short sale experts.

879: How Open Houses Helped Tami Pardee Build LA’s No. 1 Real Estate Team

Thanks to her unrelenting approach to open houses, Tami Pardee sold $33 million in volume her first year as a real estate agent. Now, she’s running Los Angeles’ No. 1 team, and open houses helped make it happen. On today’s podcast, Tami shares the open-house strategy she uses to sell millions in real estate year after year, the key to getting repeat and referral business, tips on building a top team, and so much more. Don’t miss it!

880: From Assistant to Agent to Real Estate Rockstar with Matt Templeton

Matt Templeton got an early start in real estate as an assistant. At age 18, he had his license and was already selling homes. Fast forward to 2020, Matt now has two teams dominating two different markets and is a true Real Estate Rockstar. On today’s podcast, Matt shares what helped him succeed as an agent, how he built two successful teams, and a follow-up strategy guaranteed to help listeners convert more leads.

878: Win Builders’ Business by Asking the Right Questions with Wyatt Graves

When it comes to winning builders’ business, it’s not about scripts or promoting specific services; it’s about asking the right questions. On today’s podcast with Wyatt Graves of Kaizen Home Sales & Services, we cover the questions he’s asked to make builders the backbone of his real estate business. Wyatt also shares the secret to uncovering and achieving an agent’s potential, what he’s most excited about in 2020, and how to bounce back when life throws you a curveball.

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