Top Real Estate Podcasts of July 2020

August 18, 2020

July’s best real estate podcasts include interviews with several of the industry’s top agents, brokers, and investors. Tune in and discover what these proven pros did to build successful real estate businesses. Then, go out and implement some of the strategies they share!

917: Want More Real Estate Clients? Read the News! – Luciano D’Iorio

Location and timing are everything when it comes to finding great real estate deals. So, if you want more clients, you need to know when and where the best opportunities will be. On today’s podcast with Luciano D’Iorio, we discuss how simply reading the news can help Realtors get business. Luciano explains how he analyzes articles to identify great buys for commercial clients and offers tips to listeners who want to apply the same strategy. Plus, we cover Canada’s undervalued real estate markets, coronavirus’ impact on Montreal, and more.

920: Overcoming Adversity for Millions in Annual Sales with Elliot Hoyte

For most real estate professionals, it takes time to build a profitable business. Many go months without a single sale, and countless agents leave the industry due to that initial struggle. Today’s guest, Elliot Hoyte, overcame it and is now selling millions in volume annually. Listen and learn how he did it and what he suggests to agents who are stuck in a sales slump. Plus, you’ll hear how selling luxury cars compares to selling residential real estate, how to leverage your two most powerful tools in sales, and more.

919: The Industry’s Most Rewarding Niche: First-Time Home Buyers with Kimberlee Meserve

Helping first-time buyers find the perfect place to call home is extremely rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work. However, if you set the right expectations and properly qualify your prospects, closing deals for buyers doesn’t have to be a grind. On today’s podcast with 30 Under 30 Honoree Kimberlee Meserve, we discuss the best ways to build a buyer-based real estate business. Kimberlee also gives a thorough breakdown of the home-buyer workshops she runs and explains how they’ve helped her sell over $12 million in volume just this year. Don’t miss it!

916: The Power of Positive Habits with Commercial Real Estate Expert Ken Wimberly

Serial entrepreneur Ken Wimberly started his real estate career back in 2002. In his first year as a commercial real estate broker, Ken took home a “substitute teacher’s salary,” just under $22,000. The very next year, however, he made six figures. If you ask Ken, positive habits and dedication were the secret to his success. On today’s podcast, Ken shares how positivity and commitment can help you accomplish your goals in business and in life. Plus, he discusses how he chose to preserve the memories that matter and the app he created to help parents store and share their most precious moments.

918: Vacation Rentals, Airbnb, and Investor Clients with Avery Carl

While she’s only worked in real estate since 2017, Avery Carl managed to sell over $60 million in volume in 2019. But she’s not just a successful Realtor; she’s also a seasoned real estate investor. In fact, her experience as an investor has a lot to do with her success in real estate sales. Listen and learn why niching down with what you know is a great way to build business. Plus, you’ll get tips on vacation rentals, Airbnb, and working with real estate investors.

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