Top Real Estate Podcasts of September 2019

October 1, 2019

Listen to the top real estate podcasts of September 2019 for ideas you can use to generate business via video, social media, agent referrals, and more. Podcast guests share the strategies they’ve used to grow their business and explain exactly how listeners can duplicate their success. To catch all of the latest Real Estate Rockstars episodes, visit

831: RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos – How to Be a Rockstar Real Estate Agent

Complacency kills real estate careers, and it’s more important than ever for agents to deliver world-class service. RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos knows this, and he’s committed to helping his agents be the best at what they do. On today’s show, Adam describes the traits that define today’s top agents. He then shares how any agent can improve their business – and our industry’s reputation – by striving to better serve clients. Adam also offers insight into RE/MAX’s plans for the future, explains why agents shouldn’t fear market changes, and more.

827: Real Estate Resiliency: How to Overcome Life’s Challenges with Matt Hermes

Market changes and personal challenges can wreak havoc on a real estate business. But agents who overcome life’s many curveballs don’t just survive – they thrive. Today’s guest, Matt Hermes, is an excellent example of what perseverance can accomplish. Following the market crash, he was over $250,000 in debt and working part time at Costco just to put food on the table. Now, nearly 10 years later, his real estate business is booming. In 2018, his team closed 163 transactions for $2.2 million in GCI. Hear Matt’s inspiring story, get great tips on listing presentations, and more on today’s Real Estate Rockstars!

829: Grow Your Real Estate Business by Growing Yourself with Kelly Resendez

Real estate agents often dedicate an enormous amount of time toward generating business. So much so, in fact, that they have little energy left to focus on themselves. Obviously, this can lead to burnout, but can neglecting yourself negatively impact your business? According to today’s guest, author and business strategist Kelly Resendez, it certainly can. Furthermore, the time you put toward personal and professional growth will help grow your business. Listen and learn how growing yourself can spark business growth, ways to avoid burning out, and what it takes to be a true professional.

826: The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media Marketing with Karen Albert

Social media can be excellent for bringing in new real estate business, but only if agents use it effectively. On today’s podcast, social media expert Karen Albert explains exactly what agents must do when marketing on platforms like Facebook. Not only does Karen share the three best social media platforms for real estate agents, she details proven strategies for succeeding on each of them. Listen and learn how to refocus your online marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness. Plus, get examples from Karen that you can emulate to build a better online presence in days!

830: The Road to $800,000 in Annual Net Profit with Ivan Estrada

30 Under 30 honoree Ivan Estrada knows what it takes to build a highly profitable real estate business. Thanks to his impressive sales volume and a profit margin north of 80 percent, he managed to take home over $800,000 last year! On today’s show, Ivan shares the low-cost marketing strategies he used to build a booming business, content ideas for video marketing, and tips on finding the right people for a real estate team. Plus, Pat and Ivan discuss futuristic home tech, ways to generate agent referrals, and more. Don’t miss it!

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