Top 5 Real Estate Rockstars Podcasts for February 2019

February 28, 2019

February 2019’s top real estate podcasts highlight cutting-edge strategies that guests have used to maximize their sales and their profits. Listen and learn how these Real Estate Rockstars built businesses that generate hundreds of thousands annually. After that, implement these same strategies for more leads, more clients, and more commissions!

760: The 90-Day Real Estate Bootcamp: How to Create Sales Superstars with Brendan Bartic

Brendan Bartic’s military experience gave him the mental strength and resolve needed to succeed as a real estate agent. Now, as the leader of The Bartic Group, he takes new agents and turns them into sales superstars. On today’s podcast, Brendan shares what new hires undergo during his 90-day real estate bootcamp, including the prospecting training and tools provided to ensure their success. Brendan also discusses what he’s learned after stepping away from sales with advice for listeners on securing seven-figure profits in real estate through effective team building and management.

756: Are Online Real Estate Leads Really Worth Buying? Realtor Chris Dufala’s Take

Those in real estate often wonder whether or not online leads are worth the money. Realtor Chris Dufala crunched the numbers and was shocked at the results. Despite allocating over 50 percent of his marketing budget to Internet leads, these leads only produced about 15 percent of his team’s earnings. On today’s show, Pat and Chris discuss alternatives to paying for real estate leads. Chris also shares his top business sources, ways to boost your bottom line, and strategies for investing in property.

763: A Simple System for Selling 100+ Homes per Year with Brad Korn

For the last 20 years, Brad Korn has sold 100+ homes annually. He’s accomplished this with a team and as a solo agent, and he’s convinced that listeners can do it too by following his simple system for following up with past and potential clients. On today’s show, Brad describes how he systematically reaches out to every member of his database and turns quality contacts into closings. You’ll hear how to automate follow-up processes, when to reach out to prospects, and more so that you’re able to fully leverage your database for more sales. Don’t miss it!

757: iBuyer Programs: How to Make 10% Profit per Property with Erik Hatch

iBuyer programs are blowing up, and many real estate professionals are worried about losing business. Today’s guest, broker Eric Hatch, isn’t one of them. In Erik’s eyes, the iBuyer model isn’t a threat; it’s an opportunity. Recently, he created his own iBuyer program, something he calls “Snap Offer.” On average, he’s making 10 percent profit per property, and his program has helped him consistently set over 50 listing appointments per month. Hear how his program works and how to start an iBuyer program of your own on this Real Estate Rockstars!

758: John Henry: Hustle for Unrivaled Presence in Your Real Estate Market

After selling his first company at the age of 21, John Henry went on to start his own venture capital fund, Harlem Capital. Now, John’s starring in Hustle on Viceland, a docu-series where he presents small-business owners with big opportunities to grow. On today’s podcast, John shares his entrepreneurial journey before dropping value bombs with the potential to blow up your real estate business. Listen and learn what you need to do in order to position yourself for unrivaled presence in your market and a huge influx of eager new clients.

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