10 Traits Top Real Estate Agents Share: Habits for Long-Term Success

May 26, 2017

Learn about the traits top real estate agents have in common and start developing the habits you’ll need to build a highly successful real estate career. While you could try to identify these traits on your own, it would take some serious time and effort. Besides, Matt Wagner, owner of RATE (Radio and Television Experts), has already done it for you.

During his most recent Real Estate Rockstars appearance, Matt shared “Traits of Growth Champions,” an outline examining the traits common to the top real estate agents he’s worked with over the course of his career in advertising. In this post, we’ll briefly cover the traits mentioned by Matt. To learn more about what the world’s top real estate agents do to succeed, listen to the podcast with Matt below.

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Top Real Estate Agents Know and Love Their Why

Agents who really know and love the reason why they’re in this business are incredibly motivated. This makes it easy for them to stay the course while motivating others to come along for the ride.

Top Real Estate Agents Don’t Live in the Past

While some of the concepts they’re based on still have value, the old marketing methods are dead. Top agents embrace technology resources and learn to use them to their advantage.

Top Real Estate Agents Listen Humbly

Top agents are able to take a step back and listen to what other people say and suggest. This allows them to take advantage of the good ideas and opportunities that other agents ignore.

Top Real Estate Agents Are Disciplined Implementers

It takes discipline to achieve success in any industry. Top agents have the discipline required to get things done in real estate. Instead of committing to trying, they commit to succeeding.

Top Real Estate Agents Know Who Their Top Competitor Is

While this may sound cheesy, it’s true: your top competitor is yourself. Top agents know this, and it allows them to accept the successes of others rather than associating others’ success with their own failure.

Top Real Estate Agents Aren’t Afraid to Fish in New Ponds

Expansion isn’t easy in the real estate industry, but it can pay off big time. Top agents never let the difficulty of a worthwhile task, like expanding business, prevent them from taking action.

Top Real Estate Agents Get Better, Not Bitter

All agents, including the most successful agents in real estate, fail from time to time. The ability to get up and continue on following a failure is something that all successes share.

Top Real Estate Agents Know How to Maximize Their Time

A top-performing agent’s time is valuable. By constantly evaluating their time and time-management practices, top agents are able to cut out the fat and focus on what really matters.

Top Real Estate Agents Build and Maintain the Right Culture

Top real estate agents create business cultures, often inadvertently, that work for them. Once they do, they preserve this culture by hiring the people who help, not hinder, its development.

Top Real Estate Agents Give Back

Finally, top real estate agents give back; they lead by example and add value to all interactions that they can. Through this, they inspire others to achieve great things with them.

If you want to learn more about the traits of top real estate agents, be sure to listen to the complete podcast interview with Matt Wagner.

To hear more about RATE and how they help top real estate agents dominate their local markets, listen to Pat’s first interview with Matt.

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