588: Overcoming Agents’ Greatest Weakness: Accountability with Aaron Wittenstein and Andy Scherer

December 15, 2017

There’s one thing in particular holding you back from greater success in real estate – yourself. Without personal accountability and the discipline to strive toward trackable goals, your business will never reach its full potential.

That’s the conclusion Aaron Wittenstein came to when his first real estate team fell apart. With the help of coach Andy Scherer, Aaron was able to identify and implement the accountability systems needed to get his business back on track. Now, thanks to these systems, Aaron has doubled his business this year alone!

On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Aaron and Andy talk agent accountability with Pat. Not only do they discuss what agents should hold themselves accountable to, they share systems that will help listeners make massive accountability improvements. Don’t miss it!


Listen to today’s show and learn:

  • Aaron’s brief bio [3:00]
  • Andy’s brief bio [4:40]
  • What motivates Aaron to hold himself accountable [7:04]
  • When self-accountability simply isn’t enough [13:26]
  • How Aaron broke through his business’ plateau [14:08]
  • The two things Andy helped Aaron with most [18:29]
  • Where Andy starts when coaching a new client [20:10]
  • What agents should be held accountable to daily [26:18]
  • Aaron’s system for better accountability with calling his database [27:56]
  • Examples of Andy’s systems for improving client relationships [31:56]
  • Aaron’s script for generating reviews and referrals from past clients [34:01]
  • Tools agents can use to hold themselves accountable [36:38]
  • How to break through your goals.
  • Plus so much more.

Aaron Wittenstein and Andrew Scherer

Andrew Scherer is the founder and CEO of Pillar 9 Coaching, and also serves as Aaron Wittenstein’s coach as well. He has over 11 years of sales, training, and leadership experience with a heavy focus on business development. Andy’s coaching concentrates on habits, disciplines, and mindsets while increasing awareness and clarity around what people truly want in their business as well as their life. Coach Andrew is passionate about helping others succeed and strives every day to leave a profit in someone, some place or some thing.

Aaron Wittenstein is a mega-agent out of West Chester, NY, and is known to be an expired listing and FSBO guru.  With over 16 years of real estate and sales experience, Aaron has coached, trained, and consulted real estate agents throughout the US, and continues to provide value as he leads the growth of his Lead Generation, Scripts, and Objections Facebook Group of nearly 40,000 members. He has a passion for helping others break through their perceived limitations when it comes to their performance and production in their real estate business.

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