3 Minor Tweaks for Major Real Estate Business Growth

October 27, 2017

Looking for ways to spark major real estate business growth? Before you start making big changes, consider tweaking a few of your current practices. Recent Real Estate Rockstars guest Martin Bouma did just that and has managed to grow his business by 25% or more for two consecutive years.

Last year, Martin’s team of 14 people sold 315 houses. Read on for three of the tweaks that helped Martin boost his team’s production to such an impressive figure. To hear them all, listen to the podcast below.

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Improve Your Team’s Lead Response

If you aren’t calling your leads within 5 minutes, your conversion odds drop drastically. In fact, according to a study on lead response times, you’re 100 times more likely to contact a lead successfully in 5 minutes or less than you are at 30 minutes.

By not responding to leads quickly, you’re essentially throwing them away.

Once Martin realized how important it is to respond to leads quickly, he sat down with his team and had a serious discussion. He told his agents he was unwilling to spend a dollar more on marketing until they were able to respond to real estate leads in an acceptable amount of time.

Detailed tracking sheets are essential when it comes to tracking agents’ lead response times. You’ll find a free weekly tracking sheet in our Agent Success Toolbox.

Adjust Your Follow-Up Strategy

A common complaint about real estate agents is that they have poor follow-up skills. According to Martin, this isn’t entirely untrue.

It’s not that agents don’t care about following up, it’s just that they tend to be busy. Despite their best intentions, most agents simply get distracted and are unable to follow up as quickly as their clients would like.

With that in mind, Martin decided to shift follow-up responsibilities away from his agents. He asked his administrative employees to follow up with existing clients instead. This made it easier for his agents to focus on what they do best and improved his clients’ satisfaction levels.

Utilize the Best Tool for Real Estate Business Growth

With all of the marketing strategies and services available to agents these days, it’s easy to lose track of what works. The best marketing tool for real estate business growth is and always has been listings.

While listings may not produce as many leads as a lead-subscription service can, the percentage of quality leads they generate is so much higher.

In order to maximize the number of high-quality leads generated by his team’s listings, Martin has agents put extra effort into marketing open houses. In addition to sending invitations to neighbors the week prior to an open house, agents are expected to call around the area to get extra exposure with potential sellers.

More Strategies for Real Estate Business Growth

Interested in other ways to grow your real estate business? Expansion is one option that has worked for many real estate teams.

If you want to expand your real estate business, make sure you possess the key components of successful business growth. If expanding your business doesn’t seem feasible, perhaps joining an existing expansion team is right for you. Hear about the benefits of joining an expansion team.

For more ideas on ways to tweak your team for real estate business growth, listen to the complete podcast with Martin Bouma.

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