Top Real Estate Podcasts of December 2019

January 5, 2020

Authenticity and the drive to do better for clients are themes that made December’s top real estate podcasts especially powerful. In the podcasts below, you’ll discover what today’s most successful real estate agents are doing to ensure that buyers and sellers always get the service they deserve. To hear all of the latest Real Estate Rockstars episodes, visit

858: Inauthenticity Is Killing Your Real Estate Career with Peter Lorimer

Peter Lorimer, co-host of Netflix’s hit new show Stay Here and CEO of PLG Estates, hates to see agents kill their careers with inauthentic approaches to branding and business. Peter says, “If you find yourself as a real estate agent thinking, ‘What do I need to post? What do I need to say? What do I need to get the most eyes on?’ That’s a slippery slope to homogenized bullshit.” On this podcast, you’ll hear why cookie-cutter agents can’t close modern consumers, how going against the grain made Peter the top Keller Williams agent in Los Angeles, and what you must do to ensure your brand’s longevity.

862: From Flat Broke to Rising Real Estate Rockstar with Kaisen Mitchell

It’s not uncommon for new real estate agents to go broke waiting for those first few deals to come through. Today’s guest, Realtor Kaisen Mitchell, watched his savings dwindle down to nothing as a new agent, but he didn’t give up; it paid off. Now, Kaisen’s closing over 30 deals annually, sometimes making more in a single month than he did in a year at his previous job. Hear how Kaisen’s persistence put him on the path to success and discover the strategies he used to start winning clients on this Real Estate Rockstars.

864: The Future of Real Estate Offers with Mike Russo

The fax machine changed the offer process, streamlining document transfer across the real estate industry. After that, eSignatures made it possible for buyers to get their offers out there even faster. Today’s guest, Mike Russo, is ushering in the next evolution of the offer process with SparkOffer – a new service that gives buyers unrivaled control, speed, and transparency when making offers. Listen and learn how SparkOffer could change the industry by ensuring buyers never miss out on the opportunity to make an offer again.

861: How to Add Value with Million Dollar Listing Star Justin Fichelson

Want to land your next big listing? You have to add value. On today’s podcast with Million Dollar Listing San Francisco star Justin Fichelson, we dig deep into what it means to add value and explore ways for listeners to provide clients with unrivaled real estate service. Throughout the interview, Justin sprinkles in high-value strategies agents can use to win more business, including ways to wow buyers at open houses and how to hone a mindset that will generate more business. Don’t miss it!

868: Six Months of No Sales to $16 Million in Volume with Matt Amuchastegui

As a new real estate agent, Matt Amuchastegui went six months without a single sale, but he didn’t give up. Now, just two years later, Matt’s selling over $16 million in volume per year. On today’s podcast, Matt shares how consistency, empathy, and a drive to do better for clients made him one of his market’s top Realtors. Listen and learn which social media practices will win you more listings, what you must do to ensure new leads don’t go to waste, and why it’s important to never give up on your goals.

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